Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WIAW #13: Happy Birthday, Now Eat Your Veggies

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The truth is, I started writing this post about three weeks ago. Such is life. Thanks for the cake, Aunt KiKi!
My issue with birthday cake is that when it's in the house, I eat it. I'm not sure what the husband's issue with cake is, but he's good for a slice right after the candles go out and that's it. He doesn't care a bit for leftover cake. And that leaves you know who to finish off the Pyrex.

Last weekend was A couple of weekends ago, our lives were filled with a lot of birthday cake, in addition to candy-coated and peanut butter-filled eggs. It's an understatement to say this girl needs a break from the sweets. (No, lactation cookies do not count, thank you very much.) So I got myself all excited for April's WIAW challenge, thinking it might be to eat more veggies, as it has been previously in April. Let's be honest: Who doesn't need to eat more vegetables? I know the husband and I definitely do.

But, April isn't eat-more-veggies-month this time around. That's cool. I've taken this opportunity to look at my diet overall and try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables throughout the entire day - not just at dinner. (C'mon, who else is guilty of waiting until dinner to eat their vegetables for the day? This girl, usually.)

So here's a look at the healthier things I've been eating lately.


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