The Wife

"I love your love the most"
From after-concert celebrations to January birthday parties, my parents' house was often a place where friends and family would gather for food and drinks. My parents live in a huge farmhouse, but our friends and family would always end up crammed into the kitchen - that's where the food was. We'd enjoy plates of cheese and nectarines, Arthur Avenue bread transported in brown paper bags, homegrown vegetables made into beautiful salads, grass-raised beef cooked on coals in the driveway and good red wine. And so began my love affair with food.

Now that I'm no longer living with my parents - or within even 500 miles - parties like that are few and far between. The husband and I are off on our own, making our way in the world as newlyweds, and I'm busy learning my way around the kitchen, using the healthiest, freshest, tastiest ingredients possible. This whole blog thing started when the husband challenged me to try a new recipe a week; I challenged myself to document my progress. One new recipe a week worked for a while, but I soon realized we were trying all sorts of new foods every day. We've gone meatless on Mondays, increased our intake of healthy foods and are both being much more conscious about what goes into our bodies. (For the record, we do aim to be healthy most days of the week, but we also believe PBR contains vitamins and that the occasional frozen pizza will not kill us.) I'm not trying to serve dirt and twigs here, but I am trying to get our family eating as many whole foods as possible. 

I may not be hosting large celebrations in my small galley kitchen - yet - but I'm still serving up scratch-made dishes like my parents always did. And the husband and our overactive brown Labradors have helped me make some pretty great memories already.

Interested in knowing more? Email me at scratchmadewife [at] gmail [dot] com

* Please keep in mind, I'm not a doctor; I'm not a dietician; I'm not a nutritionist, though I'd love to be when I grow up; and I'm not a chef. I'm just a wife. 


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