Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have Some Cake, Little Big Brother

Oh where, oh where has Miss Meghan been? Baking cakes, of course. No, seriously.

Little Big Brother graduated from high school last weekend, so I, leaving the husband home to fend for himself with two brown doggies, took a much-needed break and headed north. 

My week looked a little like this:

The Momma was in charge of cutting.

OK, she was in charge of a lot of the frosting, as well.

homemade graduation cakes
And Little Big Brother's awesome girlfriend handled the M&Ms.

homemade graduation cakes
Take my word for it: I did more than just sample the cakes and take pictures.
I swear there were two more cakes that didn't make it on this table!

I hope all of you have been enjoying yourselves while I've been away. Are you looking forward to a nice long holiday weekend. Do you see cake in your future?


  1. Awesome cakes! And I bet they were delicious. Glad you enjoyed your trip home.

  2. Who ever did those M&M's is pretty talented. ;)

  3. Def, Briana. I'm not sure how we would have finished the cakes off without that girlfriend. ;)

    Thanks, Pattie! I ate so much cake it wasn't even funny.


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