Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY Baby Mobiles

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DIY Baby Mobiles
All three baby mobiles are finally finished!
When the husband said he wanted the babies to have mobiles I thought it was a pretty sweet idea he was getting into the whole registry thing. And then I saw how much mobiles cost.

Maybe you have kids and you'll say a $60 musical mobile is worth it, but I just can't buy into that philosophy at the moment. I can't imagine spending that amount of money on a mobile let alone registering for three of them and expecting someone else to buy them for our babies.

So I turned to Google.

I'm sort of crafty. I may not be able to sew like my momma - yet - but I did have a "craft room" until we had to make room for the tiny humans I'm growing. So I was super excited when I found these mobiles on Sew She Sews. They were easy to make and I'd highly recommend them to anyone wanting to add a personal touch to a nursery without spending a crap ton of money.

The worst thing about making the mobiles is that I was introduced to Heat 'n' Bond, and now I can't wait to iron all sorts of things onto baby clothes!

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