Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking Back: March 2011

Homemade Chocolate Pudding Pie, Just for the Husband
It's that time again. Goodbye, March. April is quickly approaching (which is exactly why I made a chocolate pudding pie tonight). I honestly can't even tell you where this month has gone. I guess that means the husband and I spent it enjoying ourselves - and eating a lot of corned beef. So as the month comes to a close, I thought I'd leave you with a look back at some of the things I've loved in - and out - of the kitchen this month. And you can stop by again tomorrow to find out more about that homemade pudding pie you just got a sneak peek at above.

The Top 27 Things I Loved This Month:

1. Having venison in the freezer was such a nice treat. We're looking forward to it again tomorrow as we kickoff April.

2. I'm loving my Arthur Avenue cookbook. I know you haven't heard much about this book yet, but you will. Just wait.

3. Aside from cookbooks, I've also been reading more magazines and novels lately. I finished two books this month. Go, me. 

4. I renewed my subscription to Health magazine and have been waiting next to the mailbox ever since. OK, I'm exaggerating. But I've been crossing my fingers every day, hoping there's an issue waiting for me at home.

5. The springtime weather is fabulous - and being able to eat a couple of meals on the back deck already really makes my day.

6. And on the subject of warmer weather, we've already had one evening fire in the backyard, which means we've already had s'mores this season. Good times. Now if only we can get Stella to stop eating acorns we'll be all set.

7. The husband got me new (used!) golf clubs and I can't wait to use 'em. 

8. I also got an outdoor kitchen for my birthday. Outdoor canning, here I come!

9. Basically, I love mail. Therefore, you can imagine how much I loved coming home to the Heartland.

10. I successfully went meatless every Monday this Month (The husband fell off the wagon for one Monday meal, but that was it!)

11. On the not-so-healthy front, I've been loving chocolate. I'm not sure what has gotten into me, but I can't get enough of the stuff.

12. We've also loved ourselves some Creole seasoning. The husband has been putting it on everything.

13. I think our taste buds are growing up. I'm not sure the husband would have given Creole seasoning or curry powder a try five years ago. We've come a long way!

14. I feel like this blog is coming along nicely. November was kind of a sad start, but it's slowly growing. I'm up to 10 followers. Woo woo!

15. Not only have I been blogging more, but I've been reading other blogs a bit more, too. I love to hear what everyone else is up to

16. I'm gathering tons of recipe ideas from other food blogs, as well.

17. We're trying more than just new spices around here. The husband and I recently found the Magic Hat spring pack. That was a nice addition to our fridge for the weekend that it lasted.

18. The husband brewed a new batch of beer this month.

19. March Madness gave us the excuse to spend more than one afternoon this month supporting our local brewery.

20. When we weren't watching basketball or working outside on the weekends, the husband and I went to the movies. (Go see the Lincoln Lawyer. It's so good.)

21. We worked a lot in the yard this month. We built a patio and got my kitchen garden outlined.

22. I started a few seeds inside already. Hopefully I'll have basil, tomatoes, hot peppers, thyme and mint sprouting soon.

23. Speaking of sprouts, the flowering pear trees in the area this month made me smile almost every day I saw their blooms.

24. Thanks to my serving of local honey a day, I haven't had any allergy complaints this month.

25. I may have complained about turning a year older, but the presents were nothing to complain about. Cowboy-themed birthday presents make me happy. I told you about my cowboys-wearing-Santa-suits apron didn't I?  Well, now I have a regular ol' cowboy apron I can wear year round. Thanks, Mama.  

26. What else did I get for my birthday? Zumba. And I have loved every minute I've spent dancing around my living room so far.

27. And last but not least, being blessed with another year was, by far, the best part of the month. The spa gift certificate the husband got me was pretty nice, too!


  1. Your list of things you love led me to start browsing through your earlier posts. I landed here by happy accident but I really enjoyed the time I spent here. You've created a lovely spot for your readers to visit and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Thank you so much, Mary! It's nice to hear from readers, even if there are only a few of you. :) I hope you enjoyed my rambling.

  3. I saw your comment on "Mom Chef's" blog and your blog title caught my eye..."scratch-made wife". Then the chocolate pie...bam! Your husband must have excellent taste in food and women or should that be woman. Happy ever after! I'll be following your cooking blog.


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