Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIAW #11 [Cake and a Big Reveal!]

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Congratulations, Sissa & A.J.!
Who eats four pieces of cake at a time? This girl. Now I know cake doesn't necessarily fall into the "sensible snacking" category, but there's something I've been keeping from all of you for the last couple of months. And I think once I tell you, you'll let me off the hook for eating more cake than vegetables last Saturday.

The truth is, I've been snacking a lot lately. I've eaten mini pizzas, affectionately known as Tomato Cheese Dreams at my old high school. Sometimes I cut up carrots like fries and heat 'em up in the oven until they're nice and hot and crispy. I sprinkle them with Mixed-Up Salt and snack away. And I've been drinking a lot of milk.

Think you've figured me out yet?

If you guessed triplets, you win! 

So that explains the cheese sandwiches, apples and popcorn snacks, juice consumptions and mayo cravings. The bebes are also the reason behind my lack of blogging. I told the husband no one wants to read about me going to work, growing and sleeping. But I sure hope the blogging will pick up soon. Lord knows I eat enough. I should have plenty to fill y'all in on for at least the next 16 weeks!


  1. Oh my! HUGE congratulations!!!! I had guessed pregnancy, but wow, triplets. How cool is that!! Yes, definitely share your journey with us, please.

    1. Thank you so much! I want to get back into the blogging habit, so I promise to start cooking again soon, heehee.

  2. Triplets. Holy crap. Three little Ryan's running around? Oh boy. Congrats to you two though. There will be a lot of pitter and patter running around. And a lot of cooking!

  3. that is one beautiful looking cake :)

  4. WOW!! Congrats to you-- that's so exciting! And good luck. :) You'll be one busy mama!! When are you due? Or maybe that's the wrong question with triplets... how far along are you?

  5. Triplets!?! I can't even imagine! Huge congratulations to you, mama!


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