Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flatbread Pizza

Quick and Easy Flatbread Pizza
Since waving goodbye to the in-laws yesterday morning, the husband and I have been working on getting back into our routine. Translation: We need to detox. After a full weekend of eating out at our favorite restaurants, indulging in old-fashioned coconut candy, introducing our company to the goodness of Froyoz and watching college basketball while we threw back a couple of pints, it's time the husband and I lighten things up a bit.

We didn't make our guests participate in Meatless Monday, and last night we dashed around the kitchen eating leftovers before we ran out to go grocery shopping. But tonight felt a bit more like usual. Knowing we won't be having dinner at home Friday night - we'll be out on a date! - we decided to have our weekly pizza tonight. And we kept the meal meatless, killing two birds with one stone.

While staring at the bread aisle last night, searching for the most reasonably priced and healthiest whole wheat bread while the husband patiently waited by the cart, a package of flatbread caught my eye. I've never noticed Flatout flatbread before or I've never had an idea as to what I could do with it. But last night I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw it. The wraps were speckled with grains and flax, and they were thicker than regular old tortillas. The husband wasn't too excited when he saw "multi-grain" written clearly across the package, but was. I just couldn't wait to make dinner tonight.

It's nice when you know what you'll be making for dinner. (I absolutely hate driving home and wondering all the way what I'm going to make the husband.) It's even nicer, though, to be excited about the meal. We'd never had flatbread pizzas before, and I was really hoping the husband would be impressed. As soon as I walked in the door, I headed for the kitchen. I chopped up half of a green bell pepper and half an onion, and the husband spread two flatbreads on a baking sheet and prepped them with a little tomato sauce. We topped our pizzas with veggies, a little part-skim mozzarella cheese, red pepper flakes and, because I can't help but put it on everything I eat, a little mixed up saltWe threw the pizzas into the oven before it even had the chance to reach 350 degrees. I'd say they cooked for about five whole minutes at 300 degrees and that was perfect. 

As we ate dinner I asked the husband what he thought about the flatbreads. Surprisingly, he thought they were really good. He actually ate two and suggested we buy more of them the next time we're at the store. No, this probably isn't a meal I'd serve trying to impress company, but at about 200 calories per pizza, they were just what the husband and I needed tonight.


  1. They look fantastic. That flatbread looks like something in Armenia called lavash. It's an amazing bread and they use it for everything. If it's even close, I need to go find some.

  2. Mmmm I LOVE flatbread pizzas! Yours looks great! thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours : )

  3. We found the flatbread at Walmart. The pizzas were a first for us, but we'll be having them again in the near future, I'm sure!

  4. OK, the flatbread pizza looks decent. And I'm sure if you made it, it was good. And I understand the point of doing it. Really, I do. But when once spoiled by places suck as Tino's, Ruffino's, and even Sal's... well ya know. I'm sure the husband can vouch, too, no? And you... scratch-made... I know I can get a hell yeah. :)

  5. I'll admit: It's extremely hard to eat any pizza after you've lived within five miles of Sal's - or Tino's. Why don't more pizza joints serve cold cheese?


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