Sunday, February 27, 2011

Looking Back: February 2011

Today's breakfast: yogurt with honey and strawberries on the side of oats
I've been thinking, since the beginning of the year, actually, of writing regular end-of-month wrap-ups. Somehow, though, the moment passed when January came to an end, and here we are saying goodbye to February already. But I figure now is better than never, so here we go. Here's a look at 10 thingsa I'm loving this month. 

#1: Strained Nonfat Plain Yogurt

I'm not sure what took me so long to start doing it, but I've been straining my yogurt lately and I'm extremely pleased with the outcome. Before, I'd pack yogurt for lunch and it'd get all runny, leaving me with yogurt and that icky yogurt water that I'd have to stir around. With just a couple of coffee filters, a strainer and a bowl, I'm now armed with all the tools I need to make perfectly thick and creamy yogurt. Yes, it makes the husband raise his eyebrows and wonder what in the world I'm doing, but it also makes for a very happy wife.

#2: Pizza Rolls

I've made calzones plenty of times, but never with much luck. They'd often end up doughy on the edges - uncooked in spots and hard and overcooked in others. But now that the husband and I have started making pizza rolls, we're much happier. We fill them with all of the toppings we want and they cook throughout every single time. 

The husband helps make dinner. (I never get tired of seeing that ring.)
#3: My New Sink-Front Addition
I'm all about built-in cabinets and efficiency, so it's great that I married an extremely handy guy. The husband installed a new slot for my kitchen sponges and brushes yesterday. It took him all of 20 minutes from start to finish, and I love how this goodie keeps our bottle brush out of view. 

My new sink-front drawer thingie. And, yes, that is a dog toy in the background.
#4: My Southern Living Subscription
My momma recently sent me a subscription to Southern Living. I don't know why I let my old subscription run out, but I did. And I missed that monthly piece of mail SO MUCH. Now that Southern Living is back in my life I've put a few of the recipes to use and look forward to trying out many more. Of course I often find myself substituting ingredients and trying to lighten up the dishes - even the ones that have apparently already been lightened up - but the food is usually still pretty good. Oh, and the mag has me dreaming about spring. What's not to love?

#5: Leftovers

When the in-laws came to visit, they brought with them leftover wine from our wedding. I know, it's surprising there was any left over, but lucky for us, there was! Our wine rack is now  quite close to being stocked. Doesn't it look beautiful? Oh, if only it'd stay that way. 

A fully stocked wine rack makes for a happy home.
And here's a couple of things I look forward to loving next month:

The recipes look amazing and the stories accompanying the dishes remind me of "home."
A late Christmas present that I'm sure will help improve my food photography

* If you're looking for more interesting bits of random information - and great recipe ideas - head on over to The Mom Chef's space. 

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  1. Holy cow that strawberries, yogurt and honey looks so good...!

    And a wine rack? How about a beer rack! Yee ha!


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