Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waiting for the Sun

The dog man thought he'd eat his way out of his cage yesterday while the husband and I were at work. (Apparently, he thought he needed to be somewhere safer than the garage.)
I know y'all are stopping by to see what sort of crazy food I made the husband eat last night, but with all of the tornado warnings and thunderstorms we were fortunate enough to survive yesterday, dinner was nothing special. We grabbed a pre-made pizza dough from the freezer, topped it with leftover vodka sauce, a little hamburger and a little cheese, ate in about 10 minutes, reached for a couple bottles of beer and headed to the garage with the pups. Lucky for us, Chance's cage was only the part of our house that suffered any damage.

Hopefully you were as blessed as us, if you were anywhere near the crazy weather that hit the Southeastern U.S. yesterday. Our thoughts are with you.

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