Monday, May 2, 2011

Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Ground "Meat"

vegetarian stroganoff
Mushroom Stroganoff With Vegetarian Ground "Meat"
Sometimes when the husband isn't home I like to do things that would probably make him laugh - or shake his head and wonder what he signed up for when he told me, our friends and family, and God that he'd love me until death us do part. So yesterday while the husband was out golfing, I turned on some Hayes Carll and made vegetarian ground meat. In my pajamas. Why? Why not? The doggies didn't mind.

I've had this ground meat substitute recipe bookmarked for awhile now, but I hadn't found the time to actually make it. The truth is, it was a bit time-consuming and definitely not a recipe I'd be whipping up on a Monday night. A good solid hour and a half preparing for this meal - by myself - was just what I needed. And tonight, all I needed was a husband willing to go along with this crazy idea of faux meat.

It was actually the husband's idea that we have something like mushroom stroganoff again; I had just bought a bunch of mushrooms so I thought his idea was perfect. I made him a few egg noodles, just in case he didn't go for the fake meat.

I heated the already cooked "meat" for a few seconds in the microwave and topped it with mushrooms and creamy stroganoff sauce - and, yes, the husband got whole wheat egg noodles, too. I think the husband was a little hesitant to try dinner. As he eyed the meat substitute in the casserole dish he told me it kinda looked like ground meat.

And then the husband even admitted it kinda tasted like meat. How can rice, lentils and oats taste like ground meat? I'm not really sure. But neither of us really cared because we really enjoyed this meal. 

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  1. Well shock my shorts. I didn't expect a happy ending to this story at all. It really tastes pretty good, huh? Bravo to you (and your hubby) for bravery and trying the fake meat stuff.


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