Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chicken Kebabs From the Scratch-Made Husband

A lucky girl is one who can spend an entire Saturday afternoon in her craft room only to emerge to a husband cooking chicken kebabs for dinner. Fortunately for me, I'm that girl. The husband cut up peppers and onions, and covered chicken breasts with jerk seasoning all while I was fiddling around in a mess of fabric.

He was on a roll. But he wanted me to help him with the rice.


"What do I need to do with the rice?" I asked him. All he wanted was rice cooked on the stovetop, but, he told me, he wasn't sure what to do. He said if I could take care of the rice, he'd handle everything else. I agreed. I rinsed the rice and measured out a cup of water to 1/2 cup of jasmine rice. The rice was done in about 15 minutes and not long after that, we sat down to dinner.

I told the husband the kebabs were great - because they really were - and he agreed everything tasted really good. I had to laugh.

"Are you saying that because you made dinner?" I asked him. 

He told me he really meant it; dinner was good and he thought the rice was especially tasty. 

"I wouldn't have rinsed the rice," he told me. "I read that on the directions. but I had no idea what it meant. And I was not about to get the big colander out to 'wash' the rice."

Lucky for the husband he had me around to help him have really good, really sticky rice for dinner. Lucky for me I had the husband around to provide the chicken and vegetables to go along with our rice. Together, we made it happen.

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  1. I love that kind of teamwork. It doesn't happen much in my kitchen. Hubby's a bit afraid to enter my domain when I have so many sharp knives around. :)

    On another note, you've been tagged by yours truly to do the 7 Links exercise. If you head over to my site, you can see what it is and what you have to do. Enjoy.


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