Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Hot Meal Courtesy of the Husband

I knew what the husband got me for Christmas. We share a bank account. It can be hard to keep large secrets from one another. So come Christmas Eve I couldn't take it a second longer. About an afternoon of the puppy dog look later, the husband gave in and let me have my new camera. I gave him an iTouch.

The husband and I haven't talked since. Well, not much. Words With Friends doesn't count as talking. 

But I did ask him to make dinner tonight. So after I made him cannoli ...

... and monkey bread ...

... and I'd say I made him the cod salad on Christmas Eve, but that was purely for my own homesick heart ...

... I made English muffin bread with no one but him in mind.

So I was looking forward to dinner tonight. He was going to treat me. And then I walked in the house to him saying: "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." 

The husband made something like a chicken-taco casserole. It was a unique idea, and the house smelled great when I walked in the door, so I didn't understand his apology. And then he told me, "I kind of used a whole can of jalapenos."

Needless to say, I ate a lot of nonfat Greek yogurt with dinner. And I've been having a dance party with my headphones on ever since. Maybe we'll talk again tomorrow. Maybe not. It looks like we'll be having leftovers.


  1. Yahoo on the new camera! You need to take a picture of it to show us.

    A whole jar? Wow. I couldn't have gone near it.

  2. I told him his little accident wasn't going to get him out of ever making dinner again. Tonight he admitted next time he'll use only a quarter of a jar of jalapenos. Ohmygosh my mouth is still hot.


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