Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Babies' Room Sneak Peek

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DIY baby mobile
One mobile down, two to go
I never understood those people who find out the sex of their baby before the baby is actually here. My dad always told me there's no other surprise as huge as waiting until that moment when your tiny baby is born and hearing, "It's a girl!" (Or, in my parents' case, when their rather-large baby was born; I weighed in at more than 9 lbs.)

Aside from gender, though, I really never understood parents-to-be needing to name said baby before its arrival. My mom and stepdaddy spent days after my brother's birth - yes, days - discussing his name before they finally made a decision.

Those people made no sense to me. And then the husband and I became those people.

I mean, how in the world are you supposed to buy stuff for triplets without knowing if they're boys or girls - or if you've got a mix of each? How do you decorate a room for three and stick with gender-neutral tones when you aren't a fan of yellow? Sorry. I just can't do yellow.

We had to find out.

So when the ultrasound tech said, "Do you want to know what you're having?" We couldn't help but say yes. And now that we've been told for the last three ultrasounds that we're having a boy and two girls, I believe it!

The husband worked very hard painting and putting up molding - it's up for debate whether he did it all by himself or if he had help from two brown dogs.

gender-neutral turquoise nursery
Are you admiring those great curtains? They're shower curtains I bought at Target! I cut 'em in half, hemmed them, and we now have perfect curtains for the fraction of the cost of actual curtains. 

DIY gender-neutral curtains

And last but surely not least, are you wondering how the babies look these days? My momma thinks we look pretty big. My new friends at the multiples club think I look tiny.

20 weeks pregnant with triplets


  1. Ahhh so exciting! I always thought that having twins (or in your case triplets) & having the babies be different sexes would be so fun! Love the curtains!

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy with the way the curtains came out. I was not feeling spending $100+ on curtains I knew I'd be the only one who would care about them, haha.

      Yes, the husband says this is a one-time deal, so I'm glad we've got both sexes in there. :)

  2. You look wonderful! I can't imagine growing three babies. Wishing you all the best :) Love the curtains and the color of the room! PS: I think it would kill me not to know the gender.

    1. The room photographed almost perfectly - the color was coming out so, so blue at first. It's a great color, I think. It isn't too girlie, but it isn't too masculine, either. The husband did a pretty fab job. :)

  3. OMG you look awesome Meghan! What a cute bab(ies) bump! Love the room decorations too...

    1. Thanks so much, Trace! I hope I'm not too close to surpassing the "cute" phase, but we'll see, haha.

  4. My smile is ear-to-ear as I look at that photo of your kiddos. You look fantastic! I hope the three of them continue to get along in that little space and don't take up soccer practice with your kidneys! Your decorating is awesome too. I think it's cool that the dog's helping your husband out with the work. :)

    1. They're moving around more and more every day, but I'm not complaining! The husband says, "You might take that back in about a month." But I have a feeling I won't. :)

      Oh, the dogs are tons of help. They're "helping" the husband pick up cardboard packing at the moment. We got a dresser delivered today - woo!


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