Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating a National Holiday

I promise once the new year hits I'll develop a better system and won't post quite so sporadically. Till then, it's anyone's guess. This does mark two Sundays in a row, though, doesn't it?

Anywho, I hope everyone enjoyed National Lager Day last Friday. The husband and I celebrated by spending the night watching a local Tom Petty cover band at a local biker bar. No, we aren't bikers, but if you offer free music, food or beer, the husband and I will most likely be there. And when it comes to free music, food AND beer, the husband and I will definitely be there. So we stayed up past our bedtime and, man, was it worth it. Sorry to offend all of you die-hard Petty fans out there, but I've seen the guy, and this group was better. The lead singer of Blackberry Smoke absolutely rocked. We had the best night.  

The husband's home brew, October 2010

But enough about music. Our Lager-Day celebration didn't end Friday. We continued today with Hearty Whole Wheat Beer Bread. I spend a lot of time reading recipes on, so I thought I'd check there first for a beer bread. And when I found Gerald Norman's recipe, I stopped looking.  As usual, I tweaked the ingredients a little, but I'm sure the original is just as good.

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