Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Hibernation

It's no excuse really, but I'm going to blame my lack of blogging on the fact that the husband and I have been sort of hibernating lately. Last week being Christmas and all, we just hung out around the house with the dog man. And I haven't been cooking much lately because the in-laws sent us an 11-pound box of Christmas goodies. (For the record, I've lost all willpower lately and look forward to starting fresh in 2011!) So far, I think we've both eaten about five pounds each of Christmas cookies, homemade Chex mix and Lord knows what else. The husband actually told me I was going to turn into a crispette this morning. If I could tell you what that is, I would. All I know is that they're these knotted Italian somethings that the husband's grandma makes and I enjoy dipping them into my morning coffee. They're amazing. But I look forward to the day we (OK, let's be honest, I) finish the bag and can put them out of my mind till next year. And when I say next year, I really mean next December.

I honestly can't believe we're already looking at 2011 come next week. It seems like the last year went by so quickly. Two years ago the husband asked me to be his wife. Already the wedding has come and gone. Before we know it we'll be eating our wedding cake again! (And seriously, who thought year-old wedding cake would be a good tradition?)

So, as we prepare to put 2010 behind us, I plan to take the next week and continue this hibernation with the husband. We've both taken time off from work for our belated honeymoon. And that means my lack of cooking - and blogging - will have to continue for another week. I can promise you, though, that I'll be back in the kitchen as soon as the new year hits.

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