Friday, September 16, 2011

Bananas for Somethin' Like Ice Cream

banana ice cream dessert
Banana "Ice Cream" and Walnuts

It's not the best photo, that's for sure, but it was the best I could do from the comfort of my loveseat. I had just whipped up some banana "ice cream" for myself and was getting cozy in the living room while the husband sat by shaking his head, wondering how I could eat something so strange.

So, how could I? Easily.

This delicious banana dessert comes together so easily I wouldn't be surprised if you could make it during a commercial break. Grab a frozen banana, your mini chopper, and you'll be back relaxing on the couch in no time. Trust me.

Banana Ice Cream

Serves 1

1 medium frozen banana (freeze peeled bananas for easy ice cream making)

optional toppings: walnuts, berries, chocolate chips, cinnamon

Cut or break the frozen banana into pieces so it will fit into your mini chopper. Chop the banana until it smoothes out and starts to look like ice cream.

Use a spatula to scrape the banana from the mini chopper and spoon into a bowl. Top with your favorite toppings.



  1. You crack me up. That can't be ice cream because it doesn't have any fat content to it. At least dip it in white chocolate or whipped cream or something. :)

  2. You know what I bet it'd be good with? That chocolate shell stuff. Mmmm! That'd add some fat. ;)


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