Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Week 1

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I like to eat. I like to take photos of what I eat. What I Ate Wednesday and I are a match made in heaven. (Thank you to the beautiful mind behind Peas and Crayons!)

Keeping track of what I eat every day is nothing new. I'm constantly tallying calories, carbs and protein grams to make sure I'm on track for the day, as in getting enough protein but making sure not too many carbs to keep my doctor happy while making sure I eat enough calories keep the husband happy. (Whatever would I do without my LoseIt app?) 

The new thing here is that I've never taken photos of everything I've eaten in a day - or shared those details with anyone else! Now that it's all out there ... wow. It looks like a lot! 

So here you have it: what I ate Wednesday, er, Tuesday.

half-caff coffee and a vanilla whey protein shake
scrambled egg whites with peppers, onions and low-fat cream cheese
threw some grapes in my mouth while making the husband's lunch
from the top, but not necessarily in the order they were eaten: a salad with blue cheese; another protein shake on the way home from work; chicken & egg salad; water; low-fat cottage cheese, almonds and flaxseeds; coconut la croix; carbsmart yogurt and walnuts; steak, ribs, green beans and broccoli
Many of the photos were taken when I was supposed to be drying my hair and getting ready for the day, which means I was rushed, or they were taken with my phone, which means they're extremely low-quality shots. Oh, well. There's always next week!


  1. Cream cheese in scrambled eggs is the best thing since sliced bread. Well even better than sliced bread. More like the wheel.

    Great call!

  2. What an awesome idea to take picture of the food you eat. I think that's a great way to track eating and eat healthier. I'm sure just knowing that the process had to happen would curtail junk eating. I love it.

  3. Lou, thanks for taking my side on that one. The husband thinks cream cheese and eggs is very strange.

    The Mom Chef, knowing I was going to photograph and share all of my eats from the day with the rest of the world definitely kept me from sticking my spoon in the p.b. jar repeatedly!


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