scrambled egg pizza

Having grown up with parents who never served breakfast for dinner, it's funny how often the husband and I do the exact opposite. Honestly, I have no idea why my momma never made French toast in the evening or why my stepmother never made omelets after work. My grandparents did: I can still remember walking into my grandparents' house after practice only to find them at the dining room table eating bacon and eggs or just plain old cold cereal for dinner.

How is it that parents who eat breakfast for dinner raise kids who don't eat breakfast for dinner yet parents who don't serve breakfast for dinner have kids who end up liking it? (Didya follow all of that?)

Breakfast for dinner is easy. Pancakes are a cinch to whip up; bacon doesn't take long in the microwave when you're too lazy to turn on the broiler. Making a traditional morning meal for dinner is great for nights when I have to work late, run errands on my way home or I plain don't feel like cooking a big meal.

Aside from the fact that they're quick and easy, breakfast-for-dinner meals can be filled with protein, too - another plus in my book. One large egg has 9 grams of protein, and 1/2 cup liquid egg whites provides a whopping 13 grams of protein. Add a glass of soy milk and you instantly increase your protein intake a bit more.

But topping my list of reasons why breakfast for dinner rules: The husband loves it. He also loves pizza.

Think those things aren't related? Think again.

cooked ground beef + onion

plus a baked pizza dough 

topped with a little cheese, then the meat, then scrambled eggs, 
more cheese and some pepperoni

= one happy husband eating breakfast pizza for dinner