Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stuffing Peppers & Editing Photos

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stuffed green peppers
Tonight's dinner: a green pepper stuffed 
I had big plans tonight. They involved eating dinner, doing the dishes, playing with the doggies, vacuuming, putting my clothes away and starting a new book.

So far I've had dinner, eaten a few handfuls of the husband's Raisin Bran, played outside with Mr. Pants and Miss Stella, did the dishes and discovered pixlr-o-matic.
Are you looking for a good way to waste the next hour or so of your life? If you click that link, it'll happen. Don't blame me if you don't put your laundry away tonight. I warned you.

1 green pepper + 5 oz. lean ground turkey + 1 tsp wheat germ + chopped onion 
+ 1 tbsp salsa + 1 oz. cheddar cheese = one tasty meal

How do you like those peppers? 


  1. ahhhh love it!!!! <3 I just ate dinner but I'm hungry again now ;)

  2. I love stuffed peppers! I will definitely have to check out the photo editing website, but only when I have some down time! ;-)

  3. Stuffed peppers are delicious...but I must say, there is something so appetizing about handfuls of Raisin Bran!!

    1. Um, the husband came home today, went for his after-dinner snack of Raisin Bran and says to me: "Did you eat some Raisin Bran while I was gone? The box feels a little light." I could have kicked him!


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