Saturday, March 2, 2013

Well, Hello!

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Cheers to ending what was fast approaching a six-month blog hiatus. If you ask the husband, he’ll tell you he doesn’t have any recollection of what happened in December. Apparently the second month of parenthood is a complete blur for him. I remember most of December, but I’m not sure why I barely wrote in August and never sat down to write during the months of September or October. Come to think of it, I was sitting a lot! I wasn’t cooking much, though, and maybe that’s what fueled the lack of posts. The husband was cooking and I was just growing – and growing and growing.

Now that I’m quite a bit smaller, I don’t mind telling you that I was a nice 50-plus inches around once November hit. And I swear if I’d given birth at 33 weeks I could have avoided any stretch marks. But I earned my stripes – and what we’ll have to call “twin skin,” since nothing rhymes with “triplet.” It’s true my bikini days are probably now be tankini days, but I can easily say that’s OK. 

Here's a shot of our first week home.
There’s nothing in the world I’d trade for the three healthy babies the husband and I met after 36 weeks. 
Because of that, in addition to rambling on about what I'm feeding the husband on a weekly basis - and putting in my mouth on Wednesdays, because I would like to get WIAW train again - I'd also like to start telling y'all about what it's like to live with triplets. We have no idea what we're doing here. It might make for interesting reading. We shall see.

So here's to our family of five, good wine and rejoining the blogging world.


  1. And now it's time to start seeing food again. ;)

    And in that six-month span, I've even food blogged once or twice. For reals. :)

    1. I need to get back into the habit. I've missed reading your posts. Slowly but surely, I'm joining y'all again!

    2. I'll give you a place to start --


      (Did you switch things here a little -- it won't let me sign up with name/URL, rather have to use a google account)

    3. In an attempt to avoid spam comments I did make a change, but I changed it back so you can use your URL. :)

  2. Yea! I smiled from ear-to-ear when I saw your comment earlier today. I'm SO glad that you're back. And what a wonderful photo of the terrible trio! I can't wait to see them grow up. Can you please give us more info on the little ones? Congrats to you and your hubby. What an awesome family.

    1. I think by Friday I'll have enough time to sit down and post more details. :) They're amazing. But you already know how great it is to be a momma. Speaking of which, I've missed reading all about Dudette.


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