Friday, December 16, 2011

Freestyle Friday: How to Make a Fleece Knot Blanket

how to make a fleece blanket

*Sometimes there's a little more to my life than food. Friday's the day I'll share, I mean, most Fridays I hope to share those bits with you. We'll cover crafts, music, travel, who knows.

Many of my Christmases growing up included a "Mom present." Since you, unless you're Big Little Brother, didn't grow up in my house, you have no idea what a "Mom present" is. I'll explain. A one-of-a-kind present from Momma is a gift bag filled with material and pins. 

Whenever I got one of these presents Christmas morning I'd ooh and aaaah over the fabric and then Momma would have to explain what she was making. 

I got used to receiving these presents and often came to expect them. There's something about a little something homemade that makes Christmas that much more special, if you ask me. It doesn't matter if it's pajama pants, a scarf or a new nightgown. If it's homemade, I'm a fan.

So with hopes of spreading this homemade cheer a bit further this Christmas, I decided to make one little girl in our life a fleece blanket. It was super simple, and I like to think this present will mean a little more to her knowing it came to her with love - and at least one solid hour of me not thinking of anything but her.

How to Make a Double-Sided Fleece Knot Blanket

2 pieces of fleece, 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yards each (if you want it larger, by all means, go bigger!)

sharp scissors
measuring tape
straight pins

Cut the fabric pieces so they are the same size. Spread out one of the pieces wrong-side up. Lay the second piece of material on top of the first, right-side up. (You want both "right" sides facing out.) Make sure the pieces match up nicely and pin in place.

Cut a 4-inch square from each corner of the blanket, then cut 4-inch slits into the material, 1 inch apart. Knot the corners with double knots.

Cut slits around the entire blanket. Starting in one corner, tie every other piece of fringe. Tie double knots - not extremely tight, but just tight enough.

I tied each long side first and then worked on the ends. And, yes, I tied my blanket on our bed, as that was the largest flat surface I could find that the dogs could not reach.

Flip the blanket over and tie the remaining pieces of fringe.

That's it!

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