Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stuffed Whole Wheat Pitas

healthy stuffed pita

Here's a little something I served the husband when I was on that pita kick a week or so ago. For the record, I think this tasted more like a Tomato Cheese Dream than the pita pizza I made did, but 

So what'd I put in that whole wheat pita, you ask?

Chicken, tomato sauce and cheese! I baked two chicken breasts seasoned with mixed-up salt and pepper, then heated up some homemade tomato sauce and cut the ends off of two whole wheat pitas. Then I just stuffed the chicken and sauce in there and topped it all with some part-skim mozzarella cheese

healthy stuffed pitas

I'm sorry. That dinner was so simple I'm almost embarrassed I took the time to share it with you, but sometimes you just gotta put something simple on the table, don't you?

What simple dinner do you throw together when it's summatime and you'd rather be outside enjoying the evening than slaving in the kitchen?


  1. I think I love pretty much anything stuffed in a These are great for kiddos too! (ya know, when you have a few.. ;o)


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