Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Turkey BLT on Rye

turkey BLT sandwich

Is it humid as all heck where you live? Do you have tomatoes growing out of your ears? Do you live with a man who loves bacon? No? That's just me? Well, you still might like this sandwich. 

Last summer the tomato plants the husband and I bought, which I swore were going to produce regular ol' tomatoes grew cherry tomatoes and that was it. The husband wasn't such a fan and insisted we grow tomatoes this year. 

Well, he's getting his way. My garden is filled with tomatoes and I mean tomatoes. We have HUGE tomatoes. But I'm not complaining. Without 'em I wouldn't be able to put them in my morning omelette or throw them into the salad I sometimes have to twist the husband's arm to eat before dinner or make a great BLT.

Even when it's almost 100 degrees outside I insist on eating a warm dinner. I know, it's strange. While the husband wants to eat Popsicles and skip dinner all togeher I just need something warm. So, even if I talk him into eating something light for dinner, like a sandwich, I prefer it be at least a little warm. 

The husband cooked up four slices of bacon and toasted four slices of rye bread. I cut up a large tomato and got the lettuce and light mayo out. When our bread was toasted I topped each slice with a little mayo (about 1/2 tablespoon per sandwich 'cause neither of us likes a ton of the stuff), some tomato slices, bacon, lettuce and turkey. I even put a little basil on mine. 

This turkey BLT was a win-win-win: We used up a big tomato from the garden, the husband ate vegetables and it was a great light yet warm meal. I think we'll definitely be eating this one again before our tomato supply runs out.


  1. :)) This sandwich looks mouthwatering..I wish I have garden full of tomatoes, any tomatoes:)))
    Hey you asked me about phyllo dough..it is very very simple..I will find your email and sent you more info! Have a wonderful night!!!

  2. Not crazy humid, but seriously hot. (I live in Phoenix.) I think I can still use it as an excuse for this sandwich because it looks fantastic!

  3. yes, it's humid and yes I live with a man (several men if you include my son) who loves bacon. Sign me up for this recipe!


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