Friday, November 11, 2011

Hayes Birthday Wishes

Last night was a scrounge-through-the-fridge-and-eat-whatever-you-can-find-before-it-spoils kind of night. The husband made himself a few taco bowls; I baked tofu. It was also my MOH's birthday yesterday. My cousin two ways, which I won't get into, who I prefer to call my sissa, who is a ginger just like me but has beautiful red curls instead of straight hair that gets weird waves in the back unless you spend 10 minutes straightening it, turned another year older.

Happy birthday again, Al. I hope you and the fiancé had a nice night out on the town. We did. Our night looked a little like this:

Hayes Carll
Hayes Carll at the Shed
My phone does not take fab photos.
With bellies filled with leftover food, the husband and I spent the night singing along with Hayes Carll. And your birthday was made complete for me, Sissa, when I danced next to a man wearing a baja. 

p.s. Did you sleep with your new snow boots?

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