Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Venison Monte Cristo Sandwich

venison sandwich

Pecan pie, coconut M&M's, the infamous painkiller at Cheddar's, veal: There are certain things in life that I believe should not cross my lips for fear I will love them. I know better. I've learned my lesson. I gave in to apple pie, pumpkin pie and French toast (thanks for those, Husband) and kind of wish I never had. I can't get enough of 'em. (And when you're not supposed to be eating carbs, that's not necessarily a good thing!)

So I should have taken my own advice and never made the sandwich that I made tonight. Oh. Em. Gee. I've been out to eat with Momma when she has ordered a monte cristo sandwich but never tried one. It's, like, French toast, ya know? And I was more than happy to avoid French toast for years.

But then I fell in love with bread dipped in egg. And I now realize there's no turning back.

We had a whole bunch of venison to cook tonight. Bored with the idea of just eating venison and vegetables for dinner, I asked the husband how he felt about sandwiches. A venison sandwich would be fine with him, he said, but he wasn't going for the whole make-a-sandwich-and-then-put-it-in-egg-whites idea. So I let the man have just  venison and a slice of cheese on rye. He was a fan - and that's good because we have so much leftover venison he may just be eating another sandwich tomorrow night.

Lucky for me, we have so much leftover venison I may easily be eating one of these again tomorrow night. Oh, I can only hope. Seriously, as soon as I finished this sandwich I wish I had another. And that's exactly why I 

Venison Monte Cristo Sandwich - Just for One

cooked venison, cut into slices (I think I fit about 4 ounces on my sandwich)
2 slices sugar-free low-carb whole wheat bread
1 slice low-fat Swiss cheese
1/3 cup liquid egg whites (I used 1/2 cup and that was just a little bit too much)
cooking spray
butter spray, butter or cranberry butter for serving

Layer the cheese and venison between two slices of bread. (You may want to use your hands to press the meat into the bread to sort of seal everything together. You don't want it to fall apart in the egg whites!)

Heat a griddle over medium-high heat and spray with nonstick cooking spray. 

Place the sandwich in a bowl and pour the egg whites over the sandwich. Let the egg whites soak into the bread.

Cook the sandwich on the griddle until each side is golden brown. Spray with butter spray or top with butter - maybe even some cranberry butter! 



  1. Holy crap.

    That. Is. Unbelievably. Awesome.


  2. I see that you cook a lot with venison. My husband is a hunter but is under strict orders to not bring any meat home. I've tried it before and thought it was just OK.

    But as I want to grow my culinary skills, I am rethinking venison and may have him bring some home to see if I can prepare it and make it taste good. This will be the place I come to for recipes and inspiration. Thanks!

  3. Venison is super easy to prepare, and I'm sure you can add some seasonings to it to mask the game flavor until you learn to love it. :)


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