Monday, November 7, 2011

I Feel Like Chicken ... Almost Every Night

Meatless Mondays were fun. Eating bread and cereal and fruit and potatoes was fun, too. But the doctor put an end to all of that a couple of months ago. Long story short, I need to watch my carbs and eat a lot of protein, according to my doc. And I mean a lot.

So, that's what happened to Meatless Mondays. I figured you'd been wondering and thought it was only fair I give you a little explanation.

The husband's days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and vegetables and bean concoctions for dinner have been put on hold. These days he gets to eat whatever meat I've picked for dinner and potatoes, rice or whatever vegetable he'd like. (The man has really taken to fresh spinach lately. Thank you, God.)

My plates often look something like this: meat with a small side of veggies. And once I finish that, I usually pick a little more meat off of the husband's plate. 

pesto-baked chicken recipe

Pesto and Cheese-Topped Chicken

Bake chicken rubbed with two tablespoons of pesto. Top with mozzarella cheese and place under the broiled at the end of baking so the cheese coats everything just right.

Chicken With Fire-Roasted Tomatoes and a Cheese Stick

Bake chicken topped with fire-roasted tomatoes. Top with a cheese stick when the chicken is just about cooked. Once the cheese has melted and the chicken is cooked through, you're good.

rosemary chicken recipe

Rosemary-Marinated Chicken
From Cooking Light

Marinate chicken with a tablespoon olive oil, a tablespoon red wine vinegar, a tablespoon fresh chopped rosemary and a tablespoon garlic. Grill and enjoy. 


  1. Even though these chicken dishes look delicious, I have a frowny face. Are you ok? Will you be ok in this revised eating plan? I do hope everything is well with you.

    The dishes really do look fantastic; just worried about your health.

  2. That stuff is looking tasty (well, besides those veggies...).

    I hope things are well after the Doc trip??

  3. Oh, Mom Chef, you're such a mom. ;) Thanks for the warm thoughts, you two. I'll be OK. It's just a little insulin issue that needs to be worked out. I'm on medicine and as long as I watch what I eat, things should get better. Let's hope!


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