Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Circle Game

cupcake tree wedding decoration
L & K's cupcake tree
What I learned on our mini holiday:

1. It's extremely hard to eat well on the road. And even when you find something "good" to eat, you'll still want to scream at your husband's French fries for making the truck smell like fried deliciousness.

2. Not cooking for the husband for five days makes me feel funny - rushed and incomplete in a strange sort of way.

3. Even if no one else things your high-protein pancakes sound edible, your little brother will eat them. 

4. Pumpkin spice coffee should always be available. "For a limited time only" is just silly.

5. The husband must have listened to a lot of House of Pain back in the day. He knows all of the words to "Jump Around." All. Of. Them.

6. There's a chance your husband won't let you drive on your next road trip, if you've recently had a minor fender bender.

7. The term "boot scoot" is not limited to a line dance.

8. Your dogs will appreciate you that much more after you've banned them to the kennel for  six nights. If they don't show their appreciation for long, they'll at the very least give you 75 kisses all over your face as soon as you get home.

9. The husband is going to love me no matter what I put on my feet.

10. Weddings never get old. It doesn't matter how cold it is, how far you have to travel or how dull the autumn leaves are. Congratulations, again, L & K. We love you, and we're so happy you'll be spending forever together.


  1. Those are all very important life lessons. Welcome back!

  2. You were back in New York again, weren't you?

    Ya know, a quick e-mail or something and I could have met you and the husband for a brew! ;)

  3. In our dreams, P.J., we did! It was such a quick trip it wasn't even funny. I think we were booked every second before we got there. Next summer we plan to spend more time up there; we'll definitely get together then!


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