Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Tasty Tease: Breakfast in Vegas

There's a quick look at one of the fabulous meals I enjoyed last weekend with my girlfriends in Vegas. Man, I could really go for one of those little bites this morning as I sit in the airport drinking mediocre coffee. Actually, I consider that little dish such a fond breakfast memory I'm wondering if I can re-create it for the husband sometime soon.

So, what do you think is in that little bite? Your hint: It's filled with protein.

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  1. Whatever that is with bacon on top looks insane! Is it like a eggs bennie? I don't care, I need one! ~Megan

  2. Bacon is one of the four sources of protein, yes! And that is a perfectly poached egg under the crispy bacon. I really hope I can make this come true in my kitchen because I really want to share it with you. If not, I'll just have to tell you what it is and we can just drool over it from afar. ;)

  3. It looks like a poached egg, with a bacon strip. A half of a cornbread muffin on the bottom? And perhaps sausage gravy? If not I may have come up with something I'd like to try! Either way, your picture looks really tasty, and I'm anxiously awaiting your outcome.

  4. Thanks for much for stopping by. You're on the right track!


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