Sunday, October 9, 2011

High-Protein Godiva Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee Bliss

high-protein coffee shake recipe

I love getting mail. Coming home to a box on the front porch, wondering whose name is on the return address label ... the anticipation of what's inside just about kills me. Even if I know I ordered something, and I know it's just a used book, I'm still super excited. So imagine how exciting I find it when I pull into the driveway and see that the mail lady has left me a brown box I wasn't expecting.

That's exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago.

The weather was turning a little cool. We'd turned off the AC and were enjoying mornings with the windows open. It was starting to feel like fall and, lover of summer that I am, I was slowly embracing the change. I still wanted to wear sandals to work every day, but visions of Thanksgiving were starting to dance in my head. Wool sweaters, pie and stuffing, oh, how I love thee. But I wasn't ready to say goodbye to skirts and fresh local watermelon just yet. 

And then I got a package in the mail.

And this time, it wasn't just total excitement and joy that set in after I opened the packing tape. This time, I received mail that made me start thinking maybe it was time for the leaves to start changing. And maybe - just maybe - it was time to start layering a long-sleeve shirt under my usual Saturday jersey. 

Godiva coffee can be very persuasive. 

I was lucky enough to receive two free packages of Godiva coffee thanks to 
the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program. The husband, who isn't a huge fan of flavored coffee, gave in when he saw how excited I was about this opportunity and let me make half caramel pecan bark coffee and half regular the very next morning.

It made not only the kitchen but the whole house small fantastic. This place literally smelled like a fancy coffeehouse. I was in love. Or so I thought.

And then the husband went golfing a few days later and the coffee maker and I were alone.

Well, hello, 
pumpkin spice.

Again our kitchen was transformed. The pumpkin spice flavors turned my usual Saturday morning into a dream come true. I no longer cared about the brown dog hair on the floor, the dirty dishes in the sink or the fact that it was only in the mid-50s that morning.

That's how things went for the next couple of Saturdays: me and my warming pumpkin spice coffee.

But then I thought I'd kick things up a notch. How could I possibly make my pumpkin spice morning even better? Chocolate, pumpkin, iced coffee and protein powder: these are a few of my favorite things. 

So why not put them all in the blender together? If you're like me, you agree that's the natural thing to do. 

Dressed in my long sleeves, with the kitchen smelling like heaven, I sat down with an iced coffee. Thank you, Godiva. With pumpkin spice and caramel pecan coffee, fall doesn't sound that bad. And on those mornings when I'm just not ready to say goodbye to shorts and flip-flops, I know I can throw a couple of ice cubes in my coffee and be just as happy.

High-Protein Godiva Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee
Serves 1

Godiva pumpkin spice coffee, chilled

1 scoop 100% whey protein powder, chocolate
2 to 4 ice cubes
1/4 to 1/2 sugar substitute packet

Brew a pot of Godiva pumpkin spice coffee and let it chill.

Blend 1 cup Godiva pumpkin spice coffee, 1 scoop protein powder and two ice cubes for about 30 seconds or until nice and blended.

Pour into your favorite glass. Stir in a little sugar substitute and add a couple more ice cubes.

Sit back and enjoy!

Please note this post is part of a Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Godiva Coffee. I was sent free samples so I could share my honest opinion with you. 


  1. Girl, you are just too much for words - seriously, my heart skipped a beat with this! ~Megan

  2. This looks amazing! I definitely love iced coffee in the fall, but never thought to add protein powder to it. Yum!

  3. Oh what a great recipe, this sounds amazing! Love your blog, so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Kelly! You may notice some of the things I eat are a little strange, but sometimes I come up with good stuff, too. :)


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