Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Work in Progress

I'm a work in progress - so much more than usual it seems this week. 

I've been trying to blog more lately and to increase my activity on Twitter. It all gets a bit tricky, though, when I'm also trying to increase the time I unplug in the evening so I can give the husband and the brown doggies a bit more attention.

I've been crafting more than usual lately. That's something I haven't told you much about, mainly because I'm working on launching an online store. Don't get too excited: It'll be quite small. But it's giving me a creative outlet - outside of the kitchen and in my very small craft room - that I've missed in the last year or so.

I've also been reading more and listening to more classical music than the husband probably appreciates. Thank you, Jasper Rees, for that.

And I've been collecting more recipes that I know will make the husband and I both very happy. For one:

 Chicken, cream cheese, mozzarella, hot wing sauce and a lil broccoli. Good times.
That's what we ate for dinner tonight, and I plan to turn that mess of ingredients I found in the fridge tonight into a Buffalo chicken dip casserole in the near future. 

So bear with me. Eventually this week will come to an end, I'll launch that dang store, pick up my horn and make that casserole. Till then, I think I'll just watch some TV with the husband and hope this headache goes away soon.


  1. That looks tasty. Well, minus the green stuff on the plate!

    And good luck with that store. I have something I, too, am working on behind the scenes. Not probably a money maker, but something to help my "creative" outlet a bit more in a different niche! :)

  2. Hey, no one said my venture is going to be a money maker. :) But you know how it goes: Sometimes you just need a little something to keep your brain working and feeding your creativity!


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